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altatensione replied to your photo:See ;)
oh cutiez! but as always my pony is not here it’s so unfair
Oh which was is yours? Maybe it’s just not on the pic…they had A LOT of stuff!
things you find when your looks for a birthday gifts for your nephew hahah

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The moment when you have a perfect proverb for something but then you realise it won’t work in the language you write in…

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just an authentic situation from this week: i had to write a scene about her taking medicines what of course brought me to a complicated research connected with the names of the medicines, their attributes and the circumstances of taking them. and it’s just a single example. anyway, i try to avoid serious mistakes if it’s possible. it was my aware choice so now i have to cope with it the way i can :D lol are they really that restrictive? i mean i heard their shops with alcohol are being closed pretty early and i just couldn’t believe it haha

A lot of work! It starts with a little detail or scene but then you realise what you actually have to know to write it… but it’s good that you do it, will definately help and make the story better :)
Well, I’m not an expert when it comes to alcohol but they are restrictive! Only beer in supermarkets and everything else (even wine) just in special shops and not after 6/8pm or so. But we also had to drive to a special shop in South Africa to buy beer and wine because it isn’t sold in normal supermarkerts, so Norway isn’t the only country doing something like that. But far more expensive in Norway, not that this is a surprise haha

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